What is the Chocolate Architect?

About The Chocolate Architect - excerpt from Sacramento Magazine, May 2012

2002--licensed architect, Becki DeKoning Tyner (Cal Poly, SLO grad) turned chocolatier,
ventures out with her trademarked Chocolate Silk on a mission to evolve a new culture of artisan chocolate boasting fresh, elegant, melt-in-your-mouth product like no other. The omission of edible wax in her Chocolate Silk is a vital key to producing its luxurious balance of freshness, velvety texture and supurb flavor, much like a fine red wine.

Her seasonal menu offers up 16-20 varieties from a master list of nearly 70 now--darks, milks, semi-sweets and an irresistible new cake batter series of white chocolates.The presentation... to die for. From weddings to corporate events their customized gifts, favors and catered trays are a stand-out array for any occasion, intimate or colossal. Current customers encompass corporate to car dealers to Whole Foods Market to area wineries. They deliver locally, and ship nationwide. Shop online or venture in to enjoy a fresh sample or two at the counter daily from her delightful staff. New? Baby Bleu Chocolate Silk. Savor the crescendo!

Photo by Sacramento Magazine, Chef Profile--May issue 2012.