The Master Flavor List

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        Almond Rococo Silk, (toasted almonds + toffee) milk

        Army Ranger Mint Silk(mint) milk

        Baby Bleu Silk, (blue cheese + toasted pecan) dark

        Chocolate Silk, (w/wo toasted walnuts) milk

        Canadian Maple Silk, (toasted walnuts + maple oil) milk

        Caramel Silk, (caramel) milk

        Caramel Espresso Silk, (grd. espresso + caramel) semi

        Caramel Turtle Silk, (toasted pecans + caramel) dark

        Caramel Twist Silk, (pretzels + caramel) milk

        Cookie's & Cream Silk, (Oreo cookie + white chocolate) milk

        Espresso Silk, (cappuccino flav.+ espresso) semi

        Hot Chili Mango Silk, (mango pcs + dk mini chips) semi

        Hot Chili Lime Bite Silk, (lime zest + dk mini chips) semi

        Dark Lavender Silk, (culinary lavender) dark

        Lemon Drop Silk, (lemon flav.+ lemon zest) dark

        Dark Glacier Mint Silk, (mint) dark

        Dark Orange Silk (orange flav.+ orange zest) dark

        Peanut Butter Silk (blister peanuts) milk

        Raspberry Lemon Drop Silk (rasp-lem flav.+ lemon zest + rasp sugar) dark

        Red Velvet Silk (red velvet cake) milk

        Rocky Road Silk (marshmallows / toasted almonds) milk

        Dark Rocky Road Silk (marshmallows + toasted almonds) dark

        Dark Raspberry Silk (raspberry flav.) dark

        Rainbow Chip Silk (mini M & M’s) milk

        Salted Caramel Silk (crm’l. flav + crm’l.+ sea salt) milk

        Smokin’ Bacon Silk (natural smoked hickory +bacon) milk

        S’more Silk (graham cracker + marshmallows) semi

        Strawberry Lemonade Silk (lemon zest + pink sugar crystals) dark

        Toffee Chip Silk (toffee oil + toffee) milk

        Dark Maraschino Silk (cherry flav. + maraschinos) dark

        Dark Chocolate (w/wo toasted pecan) dark

        Dotted Orange Swiss (cranberries + white choc.+ orange zest) dark

        Caramel Pumpkin Pie (pump/crm’l. flav.+ spices + caramel) semi

        Pumpkin Spice (pumpkin flav.+ spices) semi

        Black Forrest Silk (minced cherries) dark

        Maple Bacon (maple flav. + bacon) milk

        Confetti Cake Silk (cake sprinkles) white

        Cookies N' Cream (oreos) white

       Cherry Blossom Silk (minced cherries) white

       White Raspberry Silk (raspberry flav.) white


        Irish Crème Silk, (Irish Crème) milk

        Rum Black Walnut Silk, (blk wal flav.+ Gold Rum + walnuts) semi

        Grand Marnier Silk, (Orange liquor + orange zest) dark

        Amaretto Almond Silk, (Almond liquor + toasted almonds) semi


        Cleo’s Medallion, (coconut + toasted almonds) milk

        Anthony’s Medallion, (oatmeal + P.B. + toasted almonds) milk

       Blister Peanut Medallions, (peanuts) milk

        Silk Brittle, (peanuts + brittle) milk

        Baby Bleu Buttons, (blue cheese + toasted pecans + cocoa pwdr.) dark

        Silk Gems, (choice of Choc Silk + long-stemmed maraschino in gold cup)