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Chocolate Silk

Wine + Chocolate Flights To Go

Wine + Chocolate Flights To Go

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Exquisite Wine and Chocolate Pairings!
4 wines & 4 chocolates

Priced from $19.50 to $46.50 Available for Pick-up or delivery ONLY

BEAUTIFULLY GIFT BOX Wine-and-Chocolate Flight To-Go arranged in our GOLD LABEL BOX with chosen Flight Map, 4 wines, 4 chocolates and stemmed acrylic wine tasting glasses.  GREAT for a stay-cation date night or gathering with friends who each like something different.  Girlfriends enjoy together in person or FaceTime each other to enjoy once the kids are to bed!  Everyone needs a little get-a-way even when you can't always get away.  Order your reprieve now.

See our wine pairing flight selections!

Prices include a $3.50 packaging fee.

Sparkling Flight - 21.50

French Champagne Flight - 39.50 (minimum of 2)

Premium Bubbles Flight - OUT OF STOCK

Red Flight - 27.50

White Flight - 25.50

Port Flight - 25.50

Flight A - 25.50

Flight B - 25.50

Luxe Flight - 29.50

Top Flight - 31.520

Premium Rose Flight - 27.50

Premium Port Flight - 29.50


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